Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Orkut is a wonderful place to catchup with old friends (and for some; make new ones). I mostly stick to keeping in touch with friends and discovering long lost ones. One such freak incident took place last week when a classmate from school popped out of nowhere to announce his presence. He was a nice chap who left when we were in 11th standard to go to the US of A, where his father had been transfered. Being technically backward at time, and with low net penetration in India (a time when dialup ruled and broadband was unheard of) I did not use any IMs, leave alone social networking site.

I did have an email address and got my friends email too, but never bothered to send him one and promptly lost that scrap of paper which he had given me. A few months ago, my batchmates from school made a community on orkut and I actively started hunting for other lost souls.

Anyway, the purpose of this buildup was that this dude was in Montreal, had been in Montreal for quite sometime. Now you might wonder whats so great about this chap being in Montreal. Well, the fact is that I was also there sometime in the recent past. Of course we didnt know that we were in the same city and so we didnt meet up or anything. Just the thought if I had spotted him somewhere (or he had spotted me), it would have gone a long way to show that the world is a very small place indeed.

Well, the above thoughts were mostly a digression from the main topic of this post. The main topic is something which has been troubling me with quite some time - Wanderlust. Whenever I look at my orkut friends' list, I see places like Barcelona, London, Paris, New York, California ... places where I would really really love to go. I have often discussed this with my friends and it seems that I am not the only one with such desires.

However, at this point life plays a cruel joke. If you are a student, with loads of time and vacations in which you fidget and sulk at home ... you probably dont have the money to finance yourself half-way across the world. On the other hand, if you are working, you probably can finance yourself, but I guess you dont have the time to go! Welcome to the real world.
Still working to solve this riddle.

To end, life always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Probably many my of riends in these exotic places are pining to come home to India. Or perhaps they are happy and content that their grass is the greenest ... Dont know, dont care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

boy! this a topic which is very close to my heart .. the wanderlust part that is ...u have at least been to montreal .. as for me bhutan is the farthest I have ever gone...and how desperately i wanna change that ... just hoping life gives u ( and me :D) the chance to fulfil this lust

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