Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The year gone by ...

Although it may be a bit premature to ponder on the year gone by, since its not yet officially over, I shall nevertheless take the liberty to do precisely that. Having been given two days off, the workaholic in me is already bored of sleeping and desperately hunting for more challenging activities.

The year began on a pretty good note, I had already been placed and my sincerity towards work was the only thing between doing nothing the entire semester and slogging to get my degree. Being a sadist for punishment, I chose the latter and put in my long hours to achieve a dream I had cherished for long - getting a dassi!! Critics may point that 15 credits, with 12 being of a project do not make a valid dassi, but my grade sheet says that I had an SG of 10 and thats the end of that discussion.

Another high point of this year were my Goa trips! A normal man may go to Goa once or twice in his lifetime (unless he has friends or family there). A man who goes there twice in a year is decidedly not normal, although since both the trips were corporate junkets, it can be said that he is pretty jugaadu. As a side note, both trips were not much to write about, other than experiencing 5-star treatment I didn't do much. In one trip, I attended a conference, in the other I slept and ate alternately!

This year also marked my arrival as a seasoned air-warrior as I logged up the miles, flying all the various airlines in India. Spice, Deccan, Indian Airlines, Kingfisher, Sahara, Jet ... all except newbies, which I am sure I would experience pretty soon. For someone who sat in a plane for the first time only two years ago, this is not a bad report card. Kingfisher is of course head and shoulders above all the others, but thats another story.

Somewhere in the middle of this year, I was able to complete my degree and in one fell swoop, I was proudly ticking the "post-graduate" box in any form that I filled. From 12th pass to PG is a pretty big jump and it took me all of 5 years to complete. The final test in this saga was the actual convocation itself. It took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears; not to mention two nighouts to actually make it to the ceremony. Koun jane koi aur degree milegi ki nahi. A convocation in hand is worth two in the bush!

The year was also a time when I stepped into the BIG BAD corporate world. After working for so long on "interesting ideas", it is a different ball game altogether to make your customers successful and happy.

And amidst all this, I also moved to a new city, made new friends and took on new responsibilities. Like paying for the electricity bill or the rent. It was a time of great change and excitement. It was a new experience for all of us, coming from the sheltered environment of hostel, where you deposited a lump sum at the beginning of the semester and didnt need to bother about groceries or bills for the next 4 months.

I hope I haven't missed out on anything important which happened in the past 365 days.

PS: I am not much of a new year celebrater and think that the whole concept is over-hyped to increase consumption. Will have a post on it later.

PPS: This view has nothing to do with the fact that I read "Brave New World" yesterday. The book merely reinforced my long-held belief.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya guess it has been a watershed year for most of us.. the transition from academic to corporate and the introspection that followed has been one of the most haunting things to me ....just hope that the next year clears out a few things for us :)

11:03 pm  
Anonymous Caliguliminix said...

Come on ! You missed the whole part where you slogged your ass off and made Balaji almost freakout when he didn't see your face inspite of living in your house for almost a week!

5:14 pm  
Anonymous anonymous coward said...


yaar marwana to mera bachpan se shauk tha ... (nawabon wale shauk hain humare :D). i basically listed the new things which happened in this year.

11:55 pm  

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