Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trip Update

I started off on last Friday, to a trip back home to Delhi. Little did I know that how eventful this trip would be. It started off with a on Friday evening itself, when my low-cost flight was delayed for 1.30 hours from Bangalore airport. With no on board food, I was clutching my tummy pretty soon, as pangs of hunger grew. There was a lot of turbulence on the way and pretty cloudy down below. Along the way, there was a long stretch in which flashes of lightning could be seen from the clouds. It was a wonderful sight to behold, given that we are pretty much used to seeing lightning above us and not below.

As we neared Delhi, the pilot announced that there was a 1.30 waiting time to land at the airport. After some aimless circling, he updated the time to 45min, mentioning that many aircrafts have been diverted to Bombay. After a some more mindless circling, I had a sneaking suspicion that those flashes of lightning were from fellow hapless aircrafts, caught in a vicious circle. Anyway, soon afterwards, we were told that we 16th in line to land and will land shortly.
After some time, when we were actually about to land, the pilot dropped a bombshell. He said that when we had come to Delhi, we were told that the holding time was 2.30 hours. Since we lacked fuel to hang on for so long, we had pretty much decide to head off to Bombay!! But we persevered and will be landing shortly. So to cut a long story short, I managed to reach Delhi, although more that 2 hours late.

The weather in Delhi was fantastic, being a bit more colder than normal, thanks to the Western disturbances. It rained the whole of Saturday, bring the mercury further down. I was really pissed off at Bangalore's lack of a proper winter season and celebrated this cold weather with pakoras. Next day, I headed off to the market on a rickshaw, with a drizzle and cold wind chilling me to the bone. It felt nice to be all wrapped, perched defiantly on the edge of a wet seat, daring the elements to give their best shot.

An uncle was in town for a meeting, someone I hadnt met for quite a few months now. This meeting can, in some ways, be regarded as the trigger for the meetings which I had with many more long lost relatives and acquaintances in the following days.

The next day I went to the airport to receive relatives coming from US. It was quite a coincidence that I was around in Delhi to meet them. Another relative from Bombay came yesterday, someone who I hadnt met in years. And today, I went to the reception of former neighbours-emigrated to London-returned for wedding. Again met loads of people.

The way this trip is going, looks like I will meet more people in this month that I normally do in the entire year!


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glad to know that you have finally.... finally found yourself better ways to pass time than sit at home and chat with your flat mates :D

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