Saturday, March 03, 2007


I dont what happened today that made me remember this incident which took place nearly 2 years ago. At that point of time, I was preparing to go for an internship abroad and was generally involved in visa, insurance and other such formalities. I was also trying to get hold of an ISIC student card, since I had heard that these cards could be used to avail discounts in many places.

So the search for this card led me to CP one afternoon. After doing the needful at the this shop in the Outer Circle, near Rivoli, I was done for the day. I saw Mc-D's golden arch across the street and thought that I would go ahead and have a bite. It was around 2 pm or so. I must mention here that this area has many memories associated with it. It was a stone's throw from my school and so I pretty much knew the ins and outs. Also, my family used to do all their shopping for "nice" stuff from CP, so again I had been coming to this area ever since I can remember.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was happily munching my burger when I saw an old teacher from school. She was with some friend who I didnt know and kids. The kids were wearing school uniform (since it was pretty close to 1.30 when the school got over) and one girl looked quite like my teacher, so I guessed that she was her daughter. After recognizing her, I did talk to her, but didnt really have any hopes that she would remember me.

She had taught me in class 4, almost 13 years ago. So many batches would have passed before and after me. Even the kids who joined school when I was in 4th would be in 12th now!! To my surpise, she not only remembered my name, she also remembered that I had a younger sister!! It was a very pleasant and satisfying experience. The kick that you feel when you realise that your old teachers remember you after all that time ...

I had only one Hindi teacher in class 4, but she probably taught 2-3 sections in class 4, each with around 50 boys. And she taught more people in those intervining 13 years, but I went through class 4-C only once. I wonder how teachers manage to remember students after such long periods ?

Of course, it is possibly that she bluffed her way through the meeting, but being the nice person that she was, it seems unlikely. Contrast this with when I met my KG-C class teacher at a school fete. This fete was just after I had left school and so another good 13 years had passed. This teacher did seem to recognize me, but her only comment was - you were tall then, you are not now!!

I mean, she could have asked me anything she wanted to, but this comment was totally unexpected. When people meet after such a long time, they generally indulge in polite conversation, not fire random remarks!! Hope the next time that I run into an old teacher is better than that encounter.


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